TikTok Trends Forecast Forecast: Forgetting You Go to the ‘Euphoria’ High School

Predicting how some funny little dress-up videos will be ground into fodder for takes in the content mines

Collage of three people dressed in revealing and/or y2k-style outfits for Euphoria High School.
TikToks (L-R): @sadd.and.gay, @ellio_spaghettio, @kenzocole
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Welcome to TikTok Trends Forecast Forecast, an occasional series in which we prematurely predict how internet trend culture writers will cover trending TikToks.

A few days ago, ahead of the Euphoria season 2 premiere on HBO, TikTokers started posting videos in which — paired with an audio clip from Spongebob Squarepants where Squidward says, “And why aren’t you in uniform?” — they change from conventional high school outfits into outfits of the kind worn by students attending the high school in Euphoria, e.g., skin-baring, perfect for the club, tiny purses instead of backpacks, etc. If that sentence means absolutely nothing to you, this is what I’m referring to:

While this trend hasn’t hit mainstream news coverage yet, the forecast predicts that it will within the next 48 hours. We can expect to see a modest number of posts pegged specifically to the early-season hype for Euphoria. Here are some ways this might play out:

  • “People on TikTok Are Dressing as Euphoria Characters and It’s Giving Me Life”
  • “Gen Z Bares Skin for TikTok Trend Poking Fun at Outfits on HBO’s Euphoria
  • “TikTokers Dressing Like They Attend Euphoria High School Is the Definition of Queer Joy and I’m Not Crying, YOU’RE Crying”
  • “Euphoria High TikTok Trend Is Funny, But Why Do We Still Laugh at Men in Drag?”
  • “Euphoria High TikTok Trend Is NOT Funny, But Men in Drag ARE”
  • “Against School Dress Codes: We Should All Be Free to Dress Like We Go to Euphoria High”
  • “What the Quietly Radical Euphoria TikTok Meme Says About the Parts of Ourselves We Sacrifice to Fit In”
  • “TikTok Euphoria Trend Highlights How Out of Touch Godless, Pronoun-Obsessed Hollywood’s Version of High School Is”
  • “Alexa Demie Commented Fire Emoji on One TikToker’s Euphoria Meme, and It’s Understanding-the-Assignment Goals”
  • Euphoria ‘Why Aren’t You in Uniform’ TikTok Trend: How to Dress Like You’re a Character on the Hit HBO Show”
  • Euphoria ‘Why Aren’t You in Uniform’ TikTok Trend: The Fact That TikTokers Own Two Different Outfits Is a Sign of the Platform’s Privilege Problem”
  • Euphoria Meme Crop Top Sells for $7,000 on Depop”
  • “San Diego Teen Who Purchased Euphoria Meme Crop Top for $7,000 Slammed for Fat-Shaming: ‘The Way She’s Wearing It Is Not Empowering’”
  • Euphoria Canceled, HBO Exec Out Amid Viral Challenge Fallout”

This concludes the first TikTok trends forecast forecast of 2022.