Verified Loser Expelled From Blue-Check Chateau

In France they call it 'le chèque bleu'

US author Thomas Chatterton Williams poses during a photo session in Paris on March 10 , 2021. (Phot...
mon dieu

Relentless justice crusader Thomas Chatterton Williams, who once “expell[ed] an American friend” from his French chateau for “ranting against Bari Weiss,” has been expelled from that blue-check chateau in the cloud. Well, unlike the American friend – who was staying with TCW at the time – he was never let in at all. :(

Chatterton Williams has now been denied twice for Twitter Verification, despite submitting “3 clips from @Harpers and @NYTmag.” Clearly the illiterates over at Twitter HQ have never schooled themselves on TCW’s rigorously academic portfolio, which includes such hits as “rap music made me hit my high school girlfriend,” “I am an ex-Black man,” and “cancel culture personally impacts me, a best-selling New York Times writer who probably gets $3 a word to pen meandering essays about why BLM is bad.”

The latest rejection came just moments after TCW tweeted, coherently, “the gaslighting is blinding” in response to a Reuters story about how the Cuban protests could spread COVID-19. Smacks of censorship to me.

Fortunately, Chatterton Williams found a defender in men’s rights magazine Harper’s. “This is outrageous,” the Harper's account tweeted, in what was definitely a team editorial decision, rather than a direct order from Rick “the internet is a phase” MacArthur.

Since Harper’s is so gung-ho about online these days, maybe they should offer a digital-only subscription. Just food for thought. Anyway, after his public tantrum, TCW is over the rejection. This man is just lounging.