‘Good Trouble’ Films Fake Housing Protest Two Blocks From Actual Encampment Sweep

Solidarity is not a verb

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Bad trouble

Good Trouble is one of those Freeform shows that I am sure I would binge in one sitting under not much duress. It’s a spinoff of The Fosters about a couple of adopted sisters figuring out their lives in the big city of Los Angeles. So far, so good — I feel relaxed already.

This week Good Trouble shot a scene in Los Angeles City Hall of people protesting an encampment sweep.

The irony is, this was filmed two blocks from an actual encampment sweep in Little Tokyo’s Toriumi Plaza. According to L.A. city councilman Kevin de Leon, the plaza is “being closed for maintenance, electrical repairs, landscaping, permanent fencing and other ancillary work.” Approximately 80 people had been taking shelter at the plaza. L.A. has been heavily criticized for such encampment sweeps — including one that preceded the Super Bowl, which was hosted there this year — with some saying that the city is trying to “disappear” the poor.

Timing — not great!

Correction: This post originally said that Good Trouble filmed where the encampment was cleared. The show filmed near the swept encampment, not at it.