Gawker's Year in Brows

Not that kind

Markup with ruler on eyebrows of yong woman during permanent make up.

There isn’t much time to smile over here at “girl Gawker plus one man” HQ. We work 80 hour weeks, typing into the early morning as Leah Finnegan, the “Sleigh Driver” we call her, stands above us screaming “mush.” When we’re lucky, she lets us have water. But between breaking ground on pressing concerns, we find time to enjoy the small things, meaning specifically the little words that show up near the headlines. For reference:

Those are called “brows.” You can find one on this post, under the headline and right of the byline. It says “Eugene Levy.” They might not seem like much to brag about and that would be accurate. Brows serve no clear purpose; they advance society in only an indirect capacity. They mostly underscore the limit of our sole shared brain cell. But it is the website’s birthday, and Leah made us scroll back through our easily navigable website to revisit some of the dumbest.


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