ELLE Staff Drops Trou in Support of Kim Kardashian

They don't teach you that in J-school

Young woman in underwear on grey background. Plastic surgery concept
The Devil Wears Nada

Picture this: You have a glitzy job at one of the world’s top women’s magazines. You’re sipping a La Colombe draft oat latte while Zooming into a pitch meeting when someone says, “What if we all try on Skims bras and underwear and then post pictures of ourselves wearing them to the world wide web?” You do a spit take, there’s coffee all over your company-issued laptop, and you’re rushing to turn your camera off. Because that would be ridiculous, right? Wrong!

Last Friday, ELLE posted a slideshow titled ELLE Editors Put The Skims Fits Everybody Collection To The Test.” In it, several editors share selfies of themselves in the Kim Kardashian shapewear line, showing just how well it fits. (A few participants did not share a photo, and I stand with them wholeheartedly.) All of them have mostly positive things to say, and if their words compel you to make a purchase, there’s a handy-dandy link right there so you can buy a bra yourself — with a cut going to ELLE and Hearst, of course.

“Our editors give their no-holds-barred opinions on various pieces in the collection, from fit to feel and comfort (some were even daring enough to snap a pic in their pieces),” the copy reads. Sure enough, they were not afraid to say how they really feel about the products they were marketing to their readers, with one of them calling the Triangle Bralette and Dipped Thong “insanely soft, form-fitting, and comfortable after a full day of wear.”

Obviously they all look incredible — I doubt they’d send a photo if it looked bad — but that’s not really the point. Call me a prude, but I just don’t think your journalism job should entail posting photos of yourself in your undies to the internet. Especially if you aren’t getting a cut of the money that’s coming in from it. But hey, what do I know, I’m just a soft-bodied blogger who spends most of her day laying down. And if you want to see a pic of that? It’ll cost ya.