A.V. Club Staff Find Hiring Notices For Their Own Jobs

G/O Media listed three positions that are currently filled by longterm employees

No Job Vacancy sign on light box.
jayk7/Moment/Getty Images

G/O Media has posted job listings for three positions at The A.V. Club one of its marquee blogs, alongside sites like Jezebel, The Root, and Gizmodo, covering culture and entertainment. Unfortunately, each of those positions are already occupied by current A.V. Club staff. The Onion Inc. Union detailed the news in a Twitter thread Thursday afternoon:

The announcement comes one month after The A.V. Club’s editor-in-chief told his largely Chicago-based employees that they would be shuttering their Chicago office and that all staff were “invited” to move to Los Angeles. In a recording of a meeting obtained by Gawker, editor-in-chief Scott Robson said the transition would occur in two stages, with one group of employees moving by March 2, and the second following by May 1. According to the union, the first group of staffers had until January 15 to determine if they would relocate or lose their jobs. As of Thursday, January 6, none of the seven workers in that group had announced their plans. But three of them woke up to find out that their bosses were already shopping for replacements.

The passive aggressive move is not out of character for G/O Media. In the three years since acquiring the sites from Univision, G/O management has been systematically driving out its longest tenured talent. The three staff members in question here have worked for the site for between six and 13 years, according to the union. A spokesperson for G/O Media did not immediately respond to Gawker’s request for comment.