Who Is the Secret ‘Euphoria’ Source Badmouthing Barbie Ferreira?

Is it Sam Levinson in a mustache

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Page Six ran a story today about the news that Barbie Ferreira will be leaving the Euphoria cast after two seasons, which she announced on Instagram Stories this week. Ferreira, who played the high school-aged web dominatrix Kat Hernandez, was long rumored to have been at odds with the show’s creator, Malcolm & Marie auteur Sam Levinson, and Page Six found an anonymous source who seems to confirm the story.

The interview with an anonymous “insider” appeared in a clip with radio personality Zach Sang. According to Sang, this person is “close to the Euphoria cast” and “spent a ton of time on set.” Who could it be? That remains a big question mark:

Zach Sang

— not least because the source’s voice was scrambled to sound like Exorcist-era Linda Blair. Per Page Six (emphasis added):

“Allegedly, she was having a lot of problems with Sam. Sam is a very specific type of director, and Barbie was just not able to handle it,” claimed the source, who had his voice modified to protect his identity. “She just couldn’t handle the heat in the kitchen.”

Huh. That sure is a great length to go to protect a source for a scoop about a TV show about teenagers. Before we all whip out the tin hats, it is definitely not Sam Levinson in one of those Halloween pop-up mustache disguises. The source made sure to shit on both sides:

The insider went on to allege that Levinson, 37, was “making [cast members] cry” while working and would “scream at them” frequently to be able to “get the emotions out of them while they were on set.”

Unless of course you think that sort of emotional investment from a director merely reflects an immersive devotion to the craft in a Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining sort of way. The source might think so, as he spent more time talking about Barbie’s alleged “cat piss” problem:

“It was just a disaster,” the source claimed, “but what I can tell you about Barbie is she don’t clean up after her damn cats,” adding that Ferreira’s trailer was full of “cat piss everywhere.”
“It was that attitude of hers. These kids. Let me tell you something, honey. These kids get picked off the streets randomly discovered by the queen [casting director] Jennifer Venditti, and of course their ego is just off the roof,” the insider explained. “They’re in the second-biggest show in HBO history, and they think they’re all that. They forget this is a job.”

Needless to say, the source has not forgotten that it is a job. Perhaps his own job. Who do you think it could be? Email us at tips@gawker.com or we’ll get Carl Bernstein on the horn.