Upcoming Tech CEO Shows, Ranked

Finally unethical bosses are getting their time in the limelight


It’s tech season in Hollywood. Every so often, the people who make movies and television shows will decide that it’s time to explore a specific topic. If you remember the onslaught of movies about the Iraq War from 2007-2008, you will be familiar with this concept. Well, now the topic du jour is real-life megalomaniacal tech CEOs, people who burned bright and crashed hard, leaving a slew of never-profitable businesses in their wake.

Just today, the trailer for WeCrashed was released, in which Jared Leto plays the disgraced former CEO of WeWork, Adam Neumann (Yes, he is doing an Israeli accent.). On the horizon we also have Super Pumped, a show about Uber’s Travis Kalanick starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, an Elizabeth Holmes movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and directed by Adam McKay, and an Elizabeth Holmes miniseries starring Amanda Seyfried. Over on the periphery is Inventing Anna, the Netflix show about Anna Delvey, who, while not a scammy tech CEO, shares a kindred spirit with all of these freaks.

So now the question is: Just how watchable will any of these be? Lucky for you, I am here to provide my entirely subjective opinion on the matter based on almost nothing.

5. Super Pumped

In a literal sense, this will be the hardest to watch because it is on AppleTV+. In a spiritual sense, I don’t want to watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt invent Uber. It’s just not my culture.

4. Bad Blood

We know almost nothing about the Jennifer Lawrence vehicle about Elizabeth Holmes, other than the fact that it will be directed by Adam McKay. That, to me, is reason enough to be less than excited about it. I imagine the film will have cheeky little explainers on things like “hemoglobin” and “Henry Kissinger” and a misguided cameo from Dua Lipa.

3. Inventing Anna

I will go on the record right now saying that I will not watch this show, but you must know that is a lie. I will watch it all in one fell swoop while tweeting my little jokes about it. I will probably love it, and text all my friends about Anna being kind of iconic or whatever.

2. WeCrashed

Despite the fact that it has the worst name of the bunch, I can’t turn down the opportunity to watch Jared Leto be full-on cuckoo. It’s where he shines, and as we all know from House of Gucci, he’s great at being a ham. Plus, Anne Hathaway!

1. The Dropout

Mark my words, Amanda Seyfried will be Emmy-nominated for her turn as Elizabeth Holmes. Did you not see Mank? (No, you didn’t — but I did.) The girl is a star and I would trust her to do anything. Queue it up.