Timely Halloween Costume Ideas

From the scariest and sexiest minds in blogging

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all work no play

In this go-go-go twenty-four hour news cycle, one cannot simply be “the Delta variant” (nearly dead flight attendant; bloody Biscoff crackers falling out your bra) or even the cult leader with the tall tall hair from The Way Down for Halloween. By the time your props arrive, the country’s already moved on. And if you go as anything old timey, people will simply assume you are Ruth Bader Ginsberg (once once of us was Virginia Woolf after she walked into a river but everyone thought she was the Supreme Court Justice because they couldn’t see the rocks in her pocket).

There was a tweet about this very quandary that made us laugh.

b0pe! Hahaha. Anyway, to help you all out, we have some pretty good, brand new ideas now that we’re less than a week from Halloween. We’ve divided them into “Spooky” and “Sexy,” with full understanding that taste and attractiveness are highly subjective.