Rest in Power, White Ladies

Heaven has a smoking section

Portrait of American author Joan Didion as she poses outdoors, Berkeley, California, April 1981. (Ph...
Janet Fries/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

On the eve of another pandemic Christmas Eve, I am holding space for my white sisters. Eve Babitz and Joan Didion, style icons for a particular sort of woman online, both died this week. I’m sorry, please know that I’m holding you all close as you post a lot of pieces of writing I am embarrassed to say I have never heard of. I understand this is your 9/11. That Babitz and Didion were really important to shaping your personalities, and whether you thought it was better to be hot or cool. I’ll never forget reading passages from their books in your Instagram stories. I wish I could pat you all on the head and say, “That’ll do, pig.”

I hope you spend the day smoking a bunch of cigarettes (not if you have COVID though). I hope you tweet your heart out — there’s no proper way to grieve, and it doesn’t matter if you’re being a bit embarrassing. Spend the day thinking maybe you could be the next Babitz or Didion, or reread this packing list:

I dropped out of university so I never got to learn about Didion. Never too late, I guess.