Remember When Michael Bay Made a Milk Commercial

It was a good one

YouTube/Retro Rabbit Ears

Milk is in the news. Remember this commercial for the milk lobby?

It’s 1993. A history buff (played by Sean Whalen, who appeared in Never Been Kissed as Merkin, Drew Barrymore’s assistant) sits in a warehouse full of Alexander Hamilton memorabilia. He’s listening to a trivia show on the radio while making a peanut butter sandwich, very generous on the PB.

The guy is eating the PB sandwich while listening to a trivia show on the radio where you call in to give the answer. The question is: Who shot Alexander Hamilton? Oh my god!

He calls and miraculously gets through. But his mouth is full of peanut butter. And he is OUT OF MILK!

And then this is what comes out when he tries to answer the question: AAAAAROOOOOON BUUUUUUUUUH!!!!!!!!!!

It’s really so sad. Anyway, this commercial was directed by Michael Bay. Crazy.

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