Regular Food Review: Korean Egg Drop Sandwich

I know what the sauce looks like

Diptych: Toasted sandwich with fluffy scrambled eggs.
Jenny G. Zhang
Sweet & Savory
Regular Food Reviews

Over the holidays, I ate for the first time a food that I had genuinely never heard of before: a Korean egg drop sandwich, the proper name of which I only just learned after googling “korean egg toast sandwich soft scramble.” It consisted of a silky soft-scrambled egg nestled between two thick slices of some of the tastiest toast I’ve had in recent memory, and drizzled with a sweet white sauce that contained condensed milk.

My first couple of bites were tentative, my taste buds still acclimating to the unconventional combination of sweetened eggs. “It’s… interesting,” I told my brother — upon whose recommendation I was trying the sandwich — in between bites.

“Very unique,” I commented, continuing to eat it nonstop.

“You know what?” I said after finishing up the last bite and scrounging around in the bottom of the container for stray bits and crumbs to sweep into my mouth. “That was actually pretty good.” The more you try… the more you know. 4/5 stars.