​​Regular Food Review: Impressions of a Thanksgiving Feast

Please don’t make fun of my plate

Top-down photo of a plate with roasted asparagus, a Spanish tortilla piece, mac and cheese bites, co...
Jenny G. Zhang
Giving Thanks
Regular Food Reviews

For many years, my family’s Thanksgiving tradition was to head straight to Boston Market for our annual emulation of a nice American meal. Then the one closest to us permanently closed, and the next nearest one was a 30-minute drive away, and I heard that customers were waiting for hours for their orders, so that was the end of that.

Thus I have reluctantly come to terms with the idea of cooking for Thanksgiving. Last year, I made mashed potatoes and Chinese dumplings. This year, I upped the effort and put together an assemblage of a Spanish tortilla (which I dropped halfway into the sink while trying to flip it, but it still tasted fine), roasted asparagus, sweet potato casserole mostly from a can, Trader Joe’s frozen mac and cheese bites, and some cornbread from the grocery store. “It ain’t much, but it’s honest work,” I thought to myself while surveying the arrangement of five (five!) dishes on the table.

I know that by sharing this I am setting myself up to be dragged, as photos of other people’s Thanksgiving plates are basically open invitations for contempt, but still, I’d like it known that everything tasted good. Hard work is its own reward, but sometimes so is a tasty meal. 4.5/5 stars.