Regular Food Review: Frozen Chana Masala and 3-Day-Old Rice

Not bad!

A bowl of chana masala on top of white rice.
Jenny G. Zhang
Regular Food Reviews

I microwaved an above-average Trader Joe’s frozen chana masala that I recently bought for just such an occasion (lunch at home with my work laptop open and within reach). I used to think this frozen meal was very good, but last week I ordered a takeout chana masala that was actually very good although about five times more expensive than the TJ’s version, so I’ve recalibrated my assessment accordingly. I paired my entree with leftover white rice that I made over the weekend to go with Japanese curry (yum!). The key to reheating rice is sprinkling in a bit of water so that it steams again, but I added too much, leaving the grains at the bottom of the bowl soggy. Sometimes ambition doesn’t pay off, but try we must all the same. 3.5/5 stars.