Regular Food Review: Chilaquiles

This is what peak breakfast looks like

Plate of chilaquiles, rice, and beans.
Jenny G. Zhang
Regular Food Reviews

I can never resist an egg-based Mexican dish, whether it’s migas, papas con huevos, or especially chilaquiles. Salsa softens the jagged edges of fried corn tortillas, imparting a rich, spicy flavor. Eggs, thrown into the mix, are punctuated by the moist, crumbly curds of tangy queso fresco. Add a side of rice and beans, a pitcher of horchata, and you’ve got one of the best breakfasts around, no matter the time or place. Sitting under a patio umbrella outside of Taqueria El Bajio in Santa Barbara last month, marveling at the size of the Ficus microcarpa (I looked that up) trees lining the street, I cleared a plate of chilaquiles in about 10 minutes, tops. Would that all meals were eaten this way, in the breezy May sunshine and without a care in the world. 4/5 stars.