Our Favorite Gawker Stories of 2022

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Jack Koloskus
Gawker year in review

We had a great time making content for you and also for ourselves in 2022. Here are our favorite stories.

Why Does Adam Sandler’s Click Make Men Cry?

Very jealous of this idea and actually hate Sarah for having it. —Kelly Conaboy

Nobody Will Read This Essay In 200 Years

A lot of people try to spin essays out of someone doing a bad tweet, but nobody has ever done it like B.D. McClay. —Brandy Jensen

Met Gala 2022: Kim Kardashian Wears Marilyn Monroe’s Dress as Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

This live blog by the genius Claire really sums up the year for me. —Allie Jones

Lessons From the Grocery Store Aisle

I appreciate the objective analytics about this common experience, especially since I never, ever would've expected Whole Foods to ever be cheaper. It really challenges my preconceptions of the world. What a gift blogging is—to take the unhinged spreadsheets of a boyfriend challenged by his girlfriend and turn it into something that cracks open our prejudices. What a world... —Darcie Wilder

They Always Come Crawlin’ Back

I love Claire Carusillo's “They Always Come Crawlin’ Back,” because they really do. It's that simple. —Fran Hoepfner


Jenny Zhang submitted multiple stories as her favorites without explanation before leaving for a week-long vacation. Here they are:

Rigorous Feelings: The Tension at the Heart of Contemporary Feminism

The Ceaseless Delight of ‘Nancy’

Is Taylor Swift Gay?

HBO’s ‘Station Eleven’ Surpasses the Novel

Who Will Remove My IUD?

My favorite story of the year was Fran’s essay about no doctor wanting to remove her IUD. I find myself thinking about it a lot, mostly the line where one doctor tells her that the doctor who placed her IUD “ought to be shot in the street.” Are doctors allowed to say things like that??? It's definitely in the top two essays of the year and it's not No. 2. —Olivia Craighead


I had to scroll back through the site’s infinite scroll feature to the beginning of the year, so I'm submitting several to get bang for my buck. If you don't like it... take it up with the design team... —Tarpley Hitt

We Should Kill CB2 Brad (This One Guy I Heard About)

Claire wrote the best thing on West Elm Caleb.

It’s Time to Rebuild the Fourth Wall

Kelly wrote the last thing that ever needs to be said on Adam McKay.

Don’t Be So Attached to Attachment Theory

Felt securely attached to this.

‘Catherine Called Birdy’ Is Lena Dunham’s Best Work to Date

Fran was right.

‘Ma’ Reconsidered: Reconsidered

It's beautiful when people can reflect on their mistakes and take steps to change:

Pamela Paul Is the New Worst Columnist at the New York Times

Leah held a gun to my head and told me to add this.

At 32, Taylor Swift Can Almost Convincingly Swear

Kelly’s hard work swayed me with this one (I’m on a lot of records saying it’s embarrassing when she says "damn") —Claire Carusillo


Every day — and every post — is a gift! —George Civeris

In Defense... of the Ellipsis

Someone had to say it...

Genuine Risk, Winning Colors, and Regret at the Kentucky Derby

A tour de force.

A Brief Interview with Joe Pera About Netflix’s Dahmer

Kelly’s interview with Joe Pera about how much Evan Peter sounds like him in Dahmer really made me laugh on a difficult day. (I don’t actually remember what happened that day but just wanted to add some drama.)

Comedians Are Annoying


Tears for Queers

The final word on Queer Eye.

Most Pornographic Grunts in Men’s Tennis

I think this is a beautiful piece of writing.

Pickleball Is a Psyop

Claire and I fought for this post for months, and the most powerful institutions in America tried to stop us multiple times.

In Defense of Shame

A lot of people told me they loved this essay by Julia Claire, but a quick perusal of the internet tells me not a single person took it to heart.

Why Everyone Is Talking About “Puddle Kid”

I just love him.


I couldn’t pick one! —Leah Finnegan

Kaley Cuoco Loves Her Random Boyfriend So Much She’s Singing Like an Angel

This headline makes me sing like an angel.

The Mystery of Jeff Bezos’s Kids Names

Well, we found one, and his name is Henry (we already knew about Preston).

Which Famous Olivia Is the Most “Olivia”?

This made me laugh a lot and also think, Am I an Olivia?

Blind Item: Which NYT Columnist Regularly Steals the Handicapped Parking Spot?

Email me and I’ll tell you the answer. It’s not Maureen Dowd.