7 Tasteful Gift Ideas From the Netflix Online Shop

Everyone will go gaga for their 'Ozark' Funko Pops

Tudum! (Pronounced Like Ta-Da!)

Holiday shopping is too stressful these days. Sure, the internet makes it easier, but Amazon can only get you so far and lacks a personal touch. I once thought there was no place where I could easily get presents for everyone in my life in one fell swoop. I have spent far too much time trawling both the web and brick-and-mortar establishments looking for gifts that would make everyone in my life know that I understand them on a deep, personal level. That era is over, as I have stumbled upon the best place to get presents for literally anyone: The Netflix online shop.

The only problem is that there is too much goodness on the site, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with your options. Does your mom want Bridgerton tea or Emily in Paris sunglasses? Who could ever choose one or the other?? I want to eliminate all the stresses of the holiday season, so I scrolled through every single item Netflix has to offer, and found only the best ones for you and your family.

Jason Bateman Funko Pop!, $12


No Funko collection would be complete without Jason Bateman’s Ozark character carrying a messenger bag. If you want to go totally nuts for the Funko fan in your life, you could get them the Laura Linney one and the Julia Garner one. Because I’m not the target demo of Ozark (60-something empty nesters), these Funkos are the reason I’m just now learning that Garner does not play Bateman and Linney’s daughter. Thank you, Netflix shop!

A Suede Balmain Jacket, $8,095


For the low, low price of $8,095, your loved one can own a cowgirl-chic fringe jacket that says, “Yeah, I’ve heard of horses.” This little number is part of a Balmain capsule collection that was done to promote The Harder They Fall (2021). Did it work? Does every fashionista you know absolutely stan this Regina King western?

The Watcher T-Shirt, $30


This is the perfect shirt for the scary pervert in your life. Let them announce publicly that they are the kind of person who would love to terrorize Naomi Watts and Bobby Canavale by sending creepy notes to their home. Don’t have a scary pervert in your life? First, I’d like you to take a closer look, because you probably do. Second, you can buy everyone else this shirt that says “I Am Not The Watcher.” Inclusivity wins!

Peaky Blinders Cookbook, $25


This is going to be a huge slay if you have a brother with a haircut that makes him look like the FBI gave him a call on January 7. Do they ever eat on this show? I’m pretty sure they just drink whiskey and look pouty, but everybody’s gotta eat I guess. With this cookbook you can delight in some classic early 20th century English delicacies such as glazed celeriac steaks and butter and sage roast chicken. When your creepy brother opens this, you can turn to your randy aunt and say, “I’d rather have Cillian Murphy for dinner, you know what I mean?” You’ll get a big laugh.

Bridgerton Soap, $34


What did people smell like in the 19th century? According to Netflix, they had a scent that is “reminiscent of afternoons spent playing pall mall while indulging in sweet lilies and even sweeter macarons.” Whatever you say! This isn’t just soap though. If you download an augmented reality app, you can make this collection of soap “come to life” for an experience that “blends art and tech and beauty in an unforgettable new way.” Can Dr. Bronner do that?

This Cozy Blanket/Sweater Thing, $95


No jokes here, this looks very comfortable and I would probably wear it all the time.

Literally Any Object You Can Think of With Stranger Things Branding, Prices Vary


Think of a thing. Any single thing that comes to mind. Got it? Well, you’re in luck because they have a Stranger Things version of it in the Netflix store. Shirts? Of coursethey haveshirts. Pants? They have allkindsof pants, even ones look like the bisexual Ikea couch. You’re not thinking outside of the box enough. They really have everything. Ugly necklaces, an ornament that looks like David Harbour, these weird moon boots, a Stranger Things Monopoly board, baby onesies, Christmas stockings, a lunchbox, a Demogorgon mug, a throw blanket, a $4,699.99 electric guitar. Christmas is in Hawkins this year!