M3GAN Is the It Girl We Need

Her eyes may be dead, but we are living.

who is she?

There is a new fashion girl in town. She’s serving face, she’s turning looks, and she has a secret. Her name? Is M3GAN.

Yesterday Blumhouse released the poster for M3GAN’s upcoming biopic, produced by James Wan and starring executive producer Alison Williams. According to Screen Rant, the film “follows Gemma (played by Williams), a roboticist who creates M3GAN, a life-like doll that uses artificial intelligence and is marketed as being a child's companion and a parent's helper.” You had me at Alison Williams playing a roboticist.

Like any strong, independent woman with a bold point of view, M3GAN was immediately targeted by basement-dwelling keyboard warriors who can’t stand to see a bad bitch thrive. She was compared to her nemesis, Twilight’s Renesmee, and called a “yassified Annabelle.” She was accused of ripping off the looks of her peers in the industry, including the Olsen twins, Amanda Seyfried, and Chloe Grace-Moretz. She was even called a toxic girlboss with very little in the way of proof, just because she is flawless and stunning.

But if there is one thing M3GAN will do it’s not let the haters win. She will release a statement when and if she wants to. For now, she is taking care of herself. She is shopping at Miu Miu and The Children’s Place, she is leading the marketing meeting for her upcoming line of vegan eyeliners, and she is orchestrating the murder of multiple young girls. Can’t handle it? Leave.