M3GAN Is Allowed to Murder

If she's going to look that snatched doing it

YouTube / Universal Pictures
it girls

Everything is a meme these days, and mostly that makes me want to erase my online footprint and move to Amanda Seyfried’s farm. However, every once in a while, something designed to go viral comes along that so perfectly captures the global zeitgeist that I have to swivel my “X Factor” chair around and press the “SLAY” button. Today, that something is a diminutive move-busting fashionista by the name of M3GAN.

In April, when I was first introduced to M3GAN via the poster for her James Wan-produced biopic (M3GAN), I declared her “the it girl we need” and clapped back at the haters calling her “yassified Annabelle.” Now, those haters are once again eating crow, because M3GAN — the girl robot, mental health advocate, and future face of Miu Miu — is shining brighter than ever in her very own full-length trailer.

After months of waiting, we are finally getting a bit of M3GAN’s backstory. She was built by Girls’ Allison Williams, who is a successful roboticist that struggles to balance work and life (“I don’t even take care of my own plants”) and has a niece (“You are my niece”) who lost her parents (“Cady, you lost your parents”). In a stroke of Best Aunt Ever genius, Allison Williams invites M3GAN into her home to keep her niece company and take the recently orphaned child’s mind off things, after which M3GAN becomes so committed to her new BFF that she goes on an impeccably choreographed killing spree against anyone who dares stand between them.

It looks like a beautiful story of female friendship akin to the Neapolitan Novels or Booksmart. Plus, Allison Williams gets to reprise her breakout role as Marnie Michaels, I assume, considering her commitment throughout the trailer to ruining dinners and insisting there is only one correct way to be a good friend. Something tells me M3G will have the final word here. The only question that remains is: Which of her oversized silk neck bows will she wear to the Karl Lagerfeld Met Gala?