This Rumored New Jeopardy! Host Was Named in a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Who is Mike Richards?


Jeopardy! may have finally found its new permanent host, and it’s… this guy? Mike Richards, the show’s executive producer since 2020 and not the actor, is considered the frontrunner to take over the empty seat left by the late Alex Trebek, Variety reports. There are reportedly still other candidates in the mix, but Richards has a few advantages: he has guest hosted Jeopardy!, he has spent much of his career in game shows, and did we mention he’s the executive producer?

So who is Richards, exactly, apart from a man who has presumably been involved in the search for the person who will fill the role that he is reportedly in advanced negotiations for?

  1. He is not LeVar Burton.
  2. He was executive producer of The Price Is Right, where he was named in a sexual harassment lawsuit and a discrimination lawsuit by two models, respectively.
  3. He has been trying to break into hosting for a while, with a stint in front of the camera for the CW’s Beauty and the Geek, and he was a candidate to host The Price is Right before Drew Carey got the job.
  4. He allegedly suggested to a Price Is Right model that she would have been fired if she hadn’t managed to keep her pregnancy a secret, according to the discrimination suit.
  5. He was born in Burbank, Los Angeles.
  6. He allegedly started treating a Price Is Right model differently in favor of another model he was in a relationship with, the first model alleged in the sexual harassment suit.
  7. He was on a boat.

I’ll take any other host for $500!