It's a Great Day Not to Say Anything: Kyle Rittenhouse Edition

Once again, saying nothing is a great choice

KENOSHA, WISCONSIN - NOVEMBER 19:  Kyle Rittenhouse enters the courtroom to hear the verdicts in his...
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Shut up

Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted and the American justice system is broken, did you know? Let’s see what people have to say about that.

In order to have an American History X redemption arc, you need to feel bad or be punished first.

Imagine thinking you’re the smartest man in the world and believing that tears are a significant indication of remorse or any real feeling?

As a citizen, the most important thing you can do is to participate in a broken legal system in order to combat the broken legal system.

Pokemon go to the polls!

If the good guys were in charge, bad things wouldn’t be happening.

Oh my god shut up.

I need a few moments to wrap my head around this one.

Once again, historically, voting is the most effective way to change anything.

Maybe you follow idiots.