Drake and Damien Hirst Finally Found Each Other

This kind of nightmare was inevitable

Certified Tacky Boys

Drake has come a long way since allegedly hiding a child. Perhaps overcorrecting, he has now decided he wants to get women of all skin tones and shirt colors pregnant. At least that’s one possible interpretation of the album cover for his long-awaited Certified Lover Boy album, revealed yesterday.

The album art depicts an array of pregnant emoji women of all different races, displaying the kind of technical virtuosity and intellectual rigor art lovers have come to expect from its creator, Damien Hirst.

If you’re shocked by the union of Drake and Hirst, you haven’t been paying attention. Drake loves tacky shit. He lives in the soulless mansion of a Bond villain. He was always going to find his way to Hirst eventually.

The two men share more than an off-putting aesthetic sensibility. Both men got their starts as young bucks disrupting a scene, and they’ve both made exorbitant amounts of money for creating art with an inflated sense of self-importance. They have also both been accused of ripping off people and entire subcultures before. Hirst’s career has been plagued by claims of plagiarism, while Drake is notorious for swooping into a regional rap scene, cribbing its style, and then popping out.

If you think about it, Drake and Hirst are actually a match made in heaven. Hirst is a famous artist and brand collaborator who likes getting paid, while Drake has disposable income and an art collection. Hirst had a bad haircut for his entire life until he went bald, while Drake has been sporting that dumb heart in his hair for almost a year. They both hail from countries where Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch. I could go on.

The major difference between Drake and Hirst is that Drake sets out to make popular music, while Hirst wants you to walk into a gallery and say, “Oh my god, ew.” Drake probably wishes he could make headlines for being provocative instead of corny. He wishes he was the mysterious artsy kid rather than the high school quarterback who secretly admires what the theater kids are doing. It’s not surprising that he’s a Hirst fan.

It makes total sense that Drake and Hirst would come together to create this beautiful work or net art — their baby, if you will. Hopefully Certified Lover Boy emerges from the womb (the OVO hard drives) with ten fingers, ten toes, and no birth defects (a DaBaby feature).