Beeple Went on Fallon

Whatever that means

Todd Owyoung/NBC

“Beeple on Fallon” sounds like the codename for the CIA’s dumbest mission, like if Zero Dark Thirty was about trying to bring down a brigade of clowns who do heists at Party City.

Unfortunately, those words do in fact mean something. They mean that the digital artist famous for selling the first NFT at Christie’s (Beeple) was a guest on the worst late night show (Fallon). You see, before he was known for selling an NFT for $69.4 million, Beeple (né Mike Winkelmann) was just a guy who made a piece of art every day. He recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of this project, which is called “Everydays.” Are you following along?

This is not the first time Fallon has expressed his interest in crypto art. Earlier this year, he had Paris Hilton on, and the two talked about how they are both proud owners of Bored Apes. “It reminded me of me because I wear striped shirts,” Fallon said of his NFT. For reference, he paid over $200,000 for it, and according to the Los Angeles Times, “hyping it up on his show may well boost its asking price even higher if he ever tries to resell it,” which may or may not constitute a conflict of interest. But back to Beeple.

You might think that an artist with such a staunch commitment to both their work and the world of internet art might be some kind of radical bad boy with a devil-may-care attitude. You’d be wrong. Beeple is a guy who wears a quarter-zip over a button-down when appearing on national television. The Met Gala-ready look pairs well with what is maybe the thickest Midwestern accent I’ve ever heard in my life.

Beeple and Fallon explained that over the course of the night’s episode, the artist would be creating the latest piece in the “Everydays” collection. His inspiration included a 3D model of Fallon’s head that his “friend” had made for some reason, as well as the following visuals: people falling asleep to the Tonight Show, the moon from the show’s logo, and a random suggestion from an audience member (cherry blossoms). Let’s see how he did:


Very good. Hell is empty, and all the Beeples are on Fallon.