Are You Empowered by Your Wetness?

Fashion can make that happen


Fashion, like any good art, takes inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. For Dimitria Petsa, the designer behind Di Petsa, the muse strikes when she thinks of women and their bodily fluids.

In an interview with Page Six pegged to an Instagram post Bella Hadid shared on Sunday, the designer told the tabloid all about how her “wet look” dresses are inspired by whatever leaks out of a human woman. “Our goal in fashion is to allow people to be unashamedly wet,” Petsa said, adding that her work is inspired by “the way that we treat our bodily fluids.”

I don’t know about you all, but my bodily fluids are discarded or dealt with as soon as they emerge. This is apparently not true for the Di Petsa woman, who is, in the designer’s words, “empowered by her wetness.”

The dresses, which cling to a body and give off wet t-shirt contest vibes, certainly imply wetness. It’s quite a feat of design, one I can only assume was inspired by my colleague Claire Carusillo and her newsletter, “That Wet Look.”

Petsa’s vision for her work took hold when she was in college, conducting “eco-feminist” research about the societal pressure to “pollute and sanitize our bodies, particularly our wetness.”

Have you been polluting your wetness recently? You might want to consult with a physician.