A January 6 Insurrection Movie Makes Me Want to Do an Insurrection

Adam McKay must be stopped

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 06: Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as people try to...
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January Nix

By a show of hands, who wants to see a movie about the January 6 insurrection? What if I told you it was going to be produced by Adam McKay, America’s No. 1 Bitch? Ok well how about if it were written and directed by the guy who wrote the critically acclaimed Hayden Christensen vehicle Shattered Glass? All right, I’m seeing a few hands, and you guys are not going to be invited when we storm the Los Angeles office where this film is currently in development.

Deadline is reporting that writer-director Billy Ray will be helming J6, a film about what happened on the ground during the Capitol riots (which is described by the outlet as a “Hot Package”). McKay was brought on board as a producer after reading the script, which was brought to him by Cullen Hoback, the documentarian behind Q: Into the Storm. (I know these are a lot of white guy names to keep track of, but please try to keep up.)

“Billy has written a screenplay that is not only harrowing and terrifying but is sure to become the definitive cinematic document on that gut wrenching day,” McKay told Deadline. Let’s all take a minute to look inside of ourselves and really ask if we need a harrowing, terrifying cinematic document of a day I’m sure we all remember quite clearly.

Ray, who is also responsible for Captain Phillips and Richard Jewell, certainly remembers that fateful day in vivid detail, because he immediately put on his Hunter S. Thompson hat and got on a plane to interview people who had been on the ground. “It’s about protesters who became rioters and cops who became defenders of democracy. Someone else can tell the story of the chaos at the White House on that day. I wanted to stay in the trenches,” Ray said.

Rioters, cops, and trenches? This is a boy movie, and girls, we must put an end to it. Let’s go and break down the doors. Stop the steal (of these mens’ brain cells). We’ll discuss all the details on Parler.