Woman Thinks Brazilian Butt Lift is Kind Of Like Getting Braces

Or maybe it’s like rearranging furniture.

Female buttocks with arrows grid before and after plastic surgery.
Big big lies

The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) has been called the most dangerous cosmetic surgery in the world. According to a Guardian longread published earlier this year, one in 3,000 BBLs result in death. Even with this news, which has been reported many times over the last few years, there’s no sign that the number of people undergoing the procedure is decreasing.

Not like butt implants, which are like boob jobs for your butt, BBLs work with what you already have. After it is “purified,” fat from other parts of your body (usually the hips, stomach and thighs) is transferred to your ass using liposuction. According to a 2015 study, the procedure is sometimes fatal because fat can enter the bloodstream if injected improperly.

But has the world considered that maybe getting a BBL is not so different from getting braces? According to a two-time BBL recipient, no.

In an astold-to essay titled, “I'm a mom who had 2 Brazilian butt lifts. After spending $10,000, I have no regrets,” Virginia-based woman Ana Richardson has a very relaxed view of the procedure. She tells Insider that she sees the procedure “rearranging furniture” (?) but also that it was the worst pain she has ever experienced. However, at least for her, getting two BBLs was kind of empowering.

“Before my BBLs I would change in the bathroom because I didn't want my husband to see me naked. Now my confidence is through the roof,” she said. “I love shopping in the curvy section and wearing clothes that accentuate my new shape. My husband suddenly likes shopping too — I regularly get surprise packages in the mail with a note that says, ‘Try this on for me later.’”

I know at this point you are probably thinking: what will she tell her daughters about getting two BBLs?

“People sometimes ask how I'll talk to my daughters about my surgery. I'll just be up front. If they are unhappy with their bodies, I support them in getting surgery or other body modifications. Truthfully, I don't see it as too different from getting braces to get a more picture-perfect smile.”

So it’s just like braces! (Which also hurt a lot.) And while the essay doesn’t mention much about the dangers of the braces-like surgery, luckily Insider leaves us with a warning at the end of the piece:

“Editor’s note: Doctors say a Brazilian butt lift is a dangerous procedure that can be deadly if done incorrectly.”