Consumerism Reports

Consumerism Reports: The $17.99 Claw Game for My Little Pills

Taking psychiatric meds doesn’t have to be a chore

prescriptive authority
Claire Carusillo
Woman in white holding The Reflect Orb in front of her.

Consumerism Reports: My $199 Orb

Will it heal me?

hello orb
Kelly Conaboy
Woman measuring temperature of whole roasted turkey with meat thermometer, closeup

Consumerism Reports: The $22.95 Meat Thermometer That Feels for the Chicken

Santorio Santorio would be proud

chicken shit
Claire Carusillo
Climber breathing with mini portable oxygen cylinder to avoid and treat High Altitude Sickness sympt...

Consumerism Reports: $15.99 Worth of Canned Air

Huff, huff, pass

young lungs
Claire Carusillo
Coffee pod in transparent mug.

Consumerism Reports: $44 Coffee Pods Save America

Cometeer's frozen coffee capsules taste just like coffee

Claire Carusillo

Consumerism Reports: With the $6.99 Tomato Timer, It's Always Tomato Time

The Pomodoro Technique is what you make of it

Dipped Beef
Claire Carusillo
Women with Severe Headache Suffering from Motion Sickness - Girl in a pulled over automobile trying ...

Consumerism Reports: The $129.99 Barf-Preventing Bracelet

It's shockingly effective

shocking news
Claire Carusillo

Consumerism Reports: The $399 Face Vibrator That's Fun for the Whole Family

Try it around the dinner table!

Claire Carusillo

Consumerism Reports: The $65 Birkenstock Cork Juice for the Face

The Germans look upward

Claire Carusillo
Iced Americano on white background

Consumerism Reports: The $13 Coffee Syrup That Made Me a Genius

I'm legit hyper right now

gotta have my java
Claire Carusillo