Would You Like to Rent Huma Abedin’s Shitty Hamptons House?

She’s busy elsewhere with Bradley Cooper

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Allie Jones
Real Estate

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the news: Huma Abedin, former Hillary Clinton staffer and ex-wife of convicted sex offender Anthony Weiner, has a new boyfriend, and his name is Bradley Cooper. Like all great romances, Abedin, 45, and Cooper, 47, were set up by their mutual friend Anna Wintour. The New York Post launched the scoop this week, the timing of which I’m sure has nothing to do with the fact that Cooper is currently filming his next Oscar-bait biopic, Maestro, and needs to set up a new girlfriend for its eventual awards-season run. They’re in love! And they might even be moving in together, according to the Post.

Last night, the tabloid revealed that Abedin recently put her $1.15 million East Hampton house on the rental market for $35,000 a month. Little late in the season for that, don’t you think? But maybe some poor, mid-level hedge funder who got boxed out of the market before Memorial Day will snap it up now. Unfortunately, the house sucks.

It’s a 2800 square-foot colonial with peeling paint and a dinky pool in the Springs neighborhood of East Hampton. The inside appears to be decorated entirely from the Wayfair sale section, from the gray microfiber sectional in the living room to the framed Mona Lisa print in the dining room to the faux bronze four-poster bed in the primary suite. There are five bedrooms, but two of them have bunk beds and one appears to be the size of a small walk-in closet. On top of all that, there’s an American flag flying outside. You can see photos of everything here.

Where is Abedin living, then, if not this magical oasis? The Post notes that she still owns the $2.5 million Flatiron apartment she shared with Weiner during their marriage, so maybe there. Or it’s possible she’s staying with Cooper at his $13.5 million townhouse in the West Village. A source tells the Post that Cooper and Abedin are “perfect for each other. They’re both into power and politics and human affairs.”

Uh huh. Perhaps this whole love story was simply a way to drum up interest for Abedin’s uninspired, mid-season Hamptons rental. As we’ve heard, the market is starting to slump.