Why Didn't Anybody Go to J.Lo and Ben Affleck's Fake Plantation Wedding?

Not even Leah Remini?

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Allie Jones

The dust is settling on Ben Affleck and Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck’s three-day wedding extravaganza at Ben’s fake plantation house in Georgia, and one question remains: Was anyone there? There were some guests, sure — TMZ has photos of a bunch of random people milling around on the property wearing all white. (Tacky.) But the major players in Ben and Jen’s lives were conspicuously absent. What gives?

Ben’s brother Casey Affleck, who recently beat cancellation and ended up with a 24-year-old girlfriend, did not attend the celebration, and he did not have a good excuse. The aforementioned girlfriend, Caylee Cowan, suggested he stayed home to take one of his sons to soccer practice. Casey himself suggested he was busy getting his other son ready to go to college. In actuality, Page Six caught the couple hitting up Van Leeuwen in Los Feliz for a couple scoops right around the time Bennifer was saying their vows. Hm.

Also absent was J.Lo’s alleged bestie Leah Remini. They seemed so close in my favorite insane movie from 2018, Second Act. What happened? According to TMZ, Remini skipped the wedding to hang out with her daughter, who is also going to college. “We're told Leah prioritized family time as she's missed some valuable moments raising her daughter while she was knee-deep in Scientology,” the site reported. Not the Scientology excuse! Something is up.

Before the wedding kicked off, TMZ reported that J.Lo’s Shades of Blue co-star Drea de Matteo was planning to attend, but there was no sign of her in the paparazzi photos. At first, I thought it was nice that the couple was extending an invitation to one of J.Lo’s former coworkers, but now I see the desperation in the act.

Who did make it to Ben and Jen’s antebellum-inspired affair? Well, their kids. That’s nice. Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel, too. And the tabloids keep reporting on a few other random guests, including Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes. Here’s a depressing paragraph from an Entertainment Tonight story about the “celebrity guests” at the wedding:

“Affleck's agent at William Morris Endeavor, Patrick Whitesell and his wife, model/actress Pia Miller, were also seen arriving at the airport all smiles. Loren Ridinger and her daughter, Amber, were also spotted arriving at the venue. They are close friends of J Lo. Fun fact: Lopez partied on Ridinger’s yacht in Miami after she performed at the Super Bowl LIV.”

Fun fact: This is the best they could do.

While the world was obsessed with Bennifer when they reunited after 20 years apart last spring, it seems the couple’s friends and family are sort of over it at this point. Good thing they have each other.