What’s Going On With the Try Guys: Redux

There have been some updates

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - OCTOBER 04: The Try Guys arrive at the 2016 Streamy Awards at The Beverly Hilton...
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Tri Guys (Ned Got Fired)

A lot has gone on in the Try Guy world since Tuesday, when news broke that one of the four main Guys (Ned Fulmer) had partaken in an extramarital affair with a female member of the Try Guys extended universe (Alexandria Herring). Ned is out, the podcast is on hold, and Ned’s wife is still wearing her wedding ring. What does this all mean? Your guess is as good as mine, so let’s parse through all of these updates together.

But first, a quick reminder of our cast of characters:

  • Ned Fulmer is the Try Guy who cheated, he has now been fired from the Try Guys
  • Alexandria (Alex) Herring is the woman he cheated with
  • Ariel Fulmer is Ned’s wife
  • Will Thayer is Alex’s ex-fiancé
  • The TryPod is the Try Guys podcast
  • The Try Guys are guys who try things for money and internet fame

Glad we got that out of the way, here we go.

The Podcast Is On Hold

Earlier today, the Try Guys announced that their podcast would be taking the week off so that the remaining three could “take some time to formulate our thoughts before recording the episode.”

I’m sure they are having a difficult time with all of this, but they should look on the bright side: now that there are only three of them the name “TryPod” is a much more clever name for a podcast.

Will Drank Champagne

Page Six wrote a very helpful post about Alexandria’s ex-fiancé drinking champagne with a friend on Sunday, days before this news broke. I respect their hustle.

Ned and Ariel Are “Working On Working Things Out”

You know this story has become a big deal because TMZ found the Fulmers out and about in Los Angeles and got them to comment on the situation. Ariel told the photographer that they are “working on working things out.” It’s hard because they have children together, but my advice to her would be to ditch him and try more guys.

If Ariel wanted to go full She-EO she would leave him and start her own podcast about putting your life together after a public catastrophe; at the very least she could get a pretty lucrative book deal.

This TikTok Popped Up Again

TikTok’s algorithm is a horrifying beast, and after never once seeing a Try Guys video on the app, it served me this unfortunate one the other night. In it, Ned says, “He’s a ten but he’s already married,” in a fashion that I think he thinks is “funny coy” but is actually “icky.” The current top comment, with 184 thousand likes is “OOF. This didn’t age well.” I have to agree.