What the Yinz? Cazzie David Lives in Pittsburgh Now

The things we do for love

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Steelers Country

Heiress to the Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm fortunes (Seinfeld money is big, Curb is more… curbed) Cazzie David, previously a resident of Martha’s Vineyard and the nicer parts of Los Angeles, has moved to an “up-and-coming” urban area with her long-term boyfriend, whose existence has only recently become known. Page Six reports that the authoress and comedy scion bought a house in Pittsburgh with Miller McCormick, a graphic designer who happens to be the late Mac Miller’s brother.

According to the tabloid, David and Miller grew close after their former partners, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, respectively, got engaged, took that lollipop photo, and spawned the concept of “Big Dick Energy.” In the wake of Miller’s death David became close with the family, which is both sad and very nice. And now she lives in Pittsburgh.

David and McCormick bought a four-bedroom, four-bathroom house for $450,000 back in February. I won’t dox the couple here, but it’s pretty easy to find the house they bought online, and all I can say is that I hope they repainted literally every room. It’s a cute house though, some beautiful woodwork happening.

One neighbor told Page Six that the couple seem “like nice kids…They keep to themselves.” Incredible scoop. I hope that they choose to go out and spend some time in the community soon. It would be great if David became an ambassador to the city of three rivers like the way her pal Taylor Swift became the ambassador to New York City after writing one song about it.

Picture this: a Pittsburgh tourism video where David takes you around the city. She shows us the Andy Warhol museum, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, and the best places to get french fries in a sandwich. This would all be promo for a new essay collection, this time focusing on falling in love and moving to the Steel City. It’s called Yinz, Mine, & Ours: Essays. This is a slam dunk idea. I expect royalties.