What Does Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley's Engagement Mean for You?

And everyone else

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Allie Jones
Anto-nough Already

Perhaps you’ve heard: musician and producer Jack Antonoff, 38, and actress Margaret Qualley, 27, are betrothed. People exclusively reported the news yesterday, and then Qualley confirmed it this morning with an Instagram carousel featuring her probably-four-carat diamond ring:

We first found out Antonoff and Qualley were dating last summer, when they were photographed several times walking awkwardly together on the streets of New York. Then they “went public” by attending the Critics Choice Awards together in March. And now they’re getting married. What does that mean for everyone else in their lives?


Qualley’s mom, Andie MacDowell, is probably over the moon, though she hasn’t posted about the engagement on Instagram yet. (Her most recent post is a L’oreal ad that also manages to congratulate Qualley for her performance in Stars at Noon, which just won the Grand Prix at Cannes.) I’m guessing that Qualley’s older sister Rainey Qualley is happy for her, too, though she has her own budding relationship to worry about (with Bill Pullman’s actor son Lewis Pullman). Qualley’s ex-boyfriends, including Cary Fukunaga and Shia LaBeouf, have bigger troubles to contend with at the moment.

On the Antonoff side, my sense is that Jack’s fashion-designer sister Rachel Antonoff is nonplussed. She doesn’t follow Qualley on Instagram, even though Qualley follows her, and I can’t find any evidence that Qualley has ever worn her clothes (she has a contract with Chanel). Jack’s legion of famous ex-girlfriends, including Lena Dunham and Scarlett Johansson, as well as his frequent female collaborators, including Taylor Swift, St. Vincent, and Lorde, have yet to share their thoughts on the news.

Still, Qualley has received many congratulatory comments on Instagram from Hollywood types including Diana Agron, Cat Power, Zooey Deschanel, comedian Mike Birbiglia, and W editor Sara Moonves. Best wishes to the happy couple.