Wendy Williams’s New Beau Looks Like the Grandpa From ‘Gilmore Girls’

Not the actor Edward Herrmann, the character Richard Gilmore

Left: CW, Right: Instagram

Wendy Williams, the greatest daytime TV host to ever grace the medium, debuted her new boyfriend on Instagram this weekend. The former Masked Singer competitor shared a blurry photo with the caption, “My son’s 21st birthday party on the yacht in #Miami was everything he wanted! Even my boyfriend.” The period at the end of that sentence is mine, not hers.

Not even Page Six could figure out who this older gentleman is, so I imagine we will know when Wendy wants us to know. One thing is for sure, and it’s that this man looks a lot like Richard Gilmore.

We all remember Richard Gilmore. Father to Lorelai Gilmore, grandfather to Rory Gilmore, husband to Emily Gilmore — you know, the Gilmore girls. Williams’s boyfriend does not have the moustache that I imagine Richard to have in my head, but a Google search reveals that Richard’s moustache came and went with passing seasons, so we’re back on. This man looks exactly like Richard Gilmore. (Sadly there is no way for him to actually be Richard Gilmore. Edward Herrmann, the actor who played him, died in 2014.)

The only difference I see here is how they part their hair.

Left: CW, Right: Instagram

As far as men go, you can do a lot worse than Richard Gilmore. He knew that Dean was weird for making Rory a car for her birthday even though Lorelai was weirdly cool with it. He stuck up for Rory when Logan’s dad was trying to ruin her life. Did he keep it a secret from Emily that he had been getting lunch with his ex-fiancée Pennilyn Lott for years? Yes. Did he initially disapprove of Lorelai and Luke’s relationship because Luke was but a lowly diner owner? Yes. But if Richard knows how to do one thing, it’s suck it up and apologize when the women in his life explain why they’re mad at him. Which is more than I can say for Wendy’s ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

Congrats to Wendy for landing a man who looks like one of the better father figures from television. Hopefully he treats her well, and does not cramp her style in the same way Richard did in that one episode where he followed Lorelai around for a whole day.