Vocal Ex-Scientologist Leah Remini Hates on Quiet Ex-Scientologist Laura Prepon

“Do I respect it? I mean, not really.”

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Not all former sitcom stars-turned-former Scientologists are built the same. Laura Prepon announced last month that she had not been a practicing Scientologist for almost five years, and now Leah Remini is saying that’s not enough.

The King of Queens star went on the nationally syndicated talk show Daily Blast Live yesterday and said that, and I’m editorializing here, Prepon not speaking out more against the church is some weak shit. “Some people, like Laura, feel that they don’t have a responsibility to speak out,” Remini said. “Do I respect it? I mean, not really.”

Remini has spent the last several years trying to educate people about what goes on behind closed doors at the Church of Scientology. She wrote a book about it (Troublemaker: Surviving Scientology and Hollywood, which includes multiple revelations about Tom Cruise, including that he enjoys playing hide and seek, freaks out over cookie dough, and the fact that his children with Nicole Kidman do not speak to their mother due to her “Suppressive Person” status), she made a television show about it (Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath), she hosts a podcast about it (Scientology: Fair Game), and she talks about how evil she believes the institution to be whenever given the opportunity.

“I think people have a responsibility to do their part, not everyone feels they have a responsibility. They just feel they should go on with their lives while some of us take a beating,” the People Puzzler host said when asked about Prepon.

To Remini’s credit, she is right that Prepon hasn’t said much about her exit from Scientology. She told People in August that she was no longer practicing, adding, “I've always been very open-minded, even since I was a child. I was raised Catholic and Jewish. I've prayed in churches, meditated in temples. I've studied Chinese meridian theory. I haven't practiced Scientology in close to five years and it's no longer part of my life.” So that’s that on that I guess.

Prepon has been keeping busy while not talking about the alleged cult she was brought into by That 70’s Show co-star Danny Masterson (who is currently awaiting trial on three rape charges). She has an active YouTube channel where she posts videos with titles like “How to Prep an Aperol Spritz” and then, three months later, “How to Prep a Summer Spritz.” So it’s safe to say that she has her hands full and can’t really talk about the horrors of Scientology right now.