Top 5 Reasons Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers Broke Up

He got "cold feet"

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Allie Jones
It's Complicated

The dogged reporters at In Touch broke the news yesterday that actress Shailene Woodley and almost-retired football player Aaron Rodgers have broken off their engagement. How could this happen? From everything we’ve heard about this couple over the last year, they seemed like a perfect match: He’s an anti-vaxxer, she likes to eat clay, and they both love Disney World. But alas, something went wrong. Or, perhaps, many things. Let’s review.

He got “cold feet”

A source told In Touch that Rodgers, 38, simply reconsidered his commitment to Woodley, 30. He’s an “independent guy,” the source revealed, who got “cold feet” about his impending nuptials. Oh really?

Uhh, okay, but her friends didn’t even like him?

First of all, let’s state for the record that Rodgers’s feet aren’t even that big. Woodley was just being nice in a time of crisis. And it’s pretty weird that someone would say it was Rodgers who wanted to call off the wedding, because actually, Woodley had her own very serious concerns about making a lifelong vow to a guy who throws balls for a living. A source told Us Weekly that “friends of Shailene didn’t believe Aaron is the best match for her.”

That’s interesting, because I’m hearing that she was actually working too much

Seriously? Maybe Rodgers didn’t have time to show how right he was for Woodley, because she was always off filming Big Little Lies or something. “Shailene has been super busy with work,” another source told Us Weekly. The couple hasn’t “been spending any time together.” Explain that.

Well, he’s a “complicated guy” (dick)

You want to know why Woodley was working so much? Because she didn’t WANT to spend eight hours a week listening to Joe Rogan with her fiancé. "Aaron's a complicated guy," a source told People. "No one in their circle is surprised this didn't work out. In the bubble of the pandemic, it was easy for them to fall in love and focus only on their relationship but that's not real life."

Let’s just agree it wasn’t working

A source summed it up to In Touch this way: Woodley and Rodgers just “couldn’t make it work.” There were “too many obstacles,” the source continued. “They’re both adults and decided to part amicably.” Grow up!