Todrick Hall Cancels All Press After Being Voted Biggest Loser

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant is facing a rocky re-entry into the world

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Todrick Gall

Todrick Hall is many things: singer, dancer, Taylor Swift pal, YouTuber, professional villain, and now loser. Hall came in second place in the finale of Celebrity Big Brother 3 last night, with only one of his former housemates voting for him to win. After losing, Hall allegedly canceled all of his interviews, presumably because when he was finally able to check his phone he was confronted with some less-than-stellar feedback on his performance from the CBB viewership.

But why would they hate such a charismatic guy who absolutely doesn’t have a reputation for sucking? Well, once they were evicted from the house, all of the contestants went back and watched the show. Here are a few of the things that they saw.

After Shanna Moakler revealed that one of the most terrifying moments of her life was when a home invader looked into her window and said, “Don’t be too hard on me,” Hall repeated that line back to her after she said she’d get him voted out.

Hall telling *NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick that his son would be embarrassed to watch his father on the show.

Hall detailing his Cameo business, where he charges up to $250 for his fans to receive an impersonal video with a script that he reuses.

As these clips made the rounds on social media, a pattern familiar to those of us unfortunately well versed in Todrick Hall news cycles repeated itself, with dancers, makeup artists, editors, videographers, and costume designers who have allegedly worked with Hall in the past accusing him of short charging, bullying, and lying. Old rumors — like that he used a PPP small business loan to buy a house rather than pay his employees — were revived, while a line was temporarily added to his Wikipedia page stating that he is “most well known for being a horrible person.”

Before the live finale, fellow CBB contestant Teddi Mellencamp tweeted, “For someone obsessed with Wizard of Oz, Todrick sure forgets we can see behind the curtain.” The Real Housewife was clearly proud of that one, as she repeated it on-air before casting her ballot for Miesha Tate to win the whole season.

The nicest thing any of Hall’s housemates could say came from Diff’rent Strokes actor Todd Bridges, who told Us Weekly, “I never met a better bullshit artist than him.” At least he’s the best at something.