The Rock Loved His Marketing Meeting So Much He Posted Five Times About It

The ROIs are off the frickin charts

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - APRIL 26: Actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson speaks onstage during CinemaCon 2022 -...
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Business Rock

Hollywood is all about wheeling and dealing. Filming a movie is only the first battle, and wars are won in conference rooms. I learned this over the weekend, when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made five Instagram posts about attending a single marketing meeting for his upcoming superhero movie Black Adam.

How was the meeting? Let me count the adjectives. In Johnson’s words, it was “phenomenal” and “productive,” everyone is “aligned, galvanized, and INSPIRED” (emphasis his). They are also “talented, hungry, focused, optimistic, passionate and scrappy.” This does seem like a meeting that was worth posting to the grid five times.

But which post takes home the belt?

5. End of Meeting Toast

This was the last post in Johnson’s spree, and it is the worst. Not to be a square, but ending a meeting by making people who are essentially your employees take a shot of your own tequila brand and saying, “Go blackout,” is weird. Is it not like, the middle of the day? Also, everyone saying “Mmmmm, wow,” at the end… gross.

4. “We Do So Much Cool Shit”

This is the one where you kind of get the sense that this meeting is mostly for Johnson. The vibe of this video is very “Local Child Gets to Be Mayor for the Day.” He’s saying nonsense and everyone in the room is eating it right up. In the caption, he elaborated on what he was saying in the video, writing, “Our goal is to make our Black Adam campaign felt around the world where EVERYONE is experiencing and ENJOYING our Black Adam deliverables in real time - worldwide… TOGETHER.” To be honest, this did not get me super amped to experience Black Adam deliverables in real time with my fellow man.

3. Fit Check!

He looks great and I love that we get a little peek at what kind of snacks are on hand in the Warner Bros. marketing department. The cookies look delicious.

2. “Marketing Is One of My Passions”

This post is perfect. There’s several photos of the Jumanji star putting on a serious business face, product placement for Zoa (Johnson’s brand of energy drink), a shot displaying just how broad the star’s shoulders are, and an insane caption. Here, Johnson is nodding to Rich Girl You Went to College With culture by using ten slides just to announce that he’s going to travel the world because he’s passionate about marketing. You gotta love it.

1. “I’m a Very Diligent Note Taker”

During a three-hour meeting Johnson took one page of notes on the first page of a notebook. “Diligent” is not the word I would use, but I love the confidence. Sending my prayers to the underpaid assistant who actually had to take diligent notes on this meeting, I hope they got to take a shot too.