The Katie Couric Beat Sure Is Hot

She has so much to give

Katie Couric debuts her new  series, "America Inside Out,"  on National Geogr...
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In case you’ve missed it, here’s everything you need to know about Katie Couric’s upcoming memoir:

Katie Couric torches ‘Today’ rival, stinky Prince Harry, ex-con Martha Stewart and more

Katie Couric: Matt Lauer was a ‘decent’ man I felt ‘heartless to abandon’

Katie Couric ‘heard the whispers’ about Matt Lauer, tales from women he ‘damaged’

Katie Couric Calls Matt Lauer “Disgusting” and “Abusive” During Today Show Return

Katie Couric says it was 'BRAVE' of her to admit she iced out female rivals and insists nasty comments in her memoir have been taken 'out of context' by the media ahead of its release next week

Katie Couric's new memoir vividly describes Jeffrey Epstein's 'creepy' home where he hosted Prince Andrew for an intimate dinner party

Katie Couric eviscerates Diane Sawyer in memoir: ‘That woman must be stopped’

Katie Couric on Diane Sawyer: ‘I Wonder Who She Blew This Time’

Katie Couric gets candid on bulimia struggle: ‘I aspired to be thin and lanky’

Katie Couric Says She Regrets Censoring RBG’s Denunciation of National Anthem Kneelers

Hoda Kotb’s pal told her she’s ‘not mentioned’ in Katie Couric’s book

Katie Couric reveals secret fling with ‘smitten schoolboy’ Neil Simon

Katie Couric once hired ‘delusional’ nanny who tried to ‘destroy’ her marriage

Katie Couric ‘trashed’ Ashleigh Banfield at 2000 Olympics: ‘Spit was flying’

Ashleigh Banfield wonders if Katie Couric ‘derailed’ her career: ‘It broke my soul’

Katie Couric banned from plugging her bombshell book on CBS

Katie Couric claims CBS gig failed because of sexist viewers

Katie Couric sending Deborah Norville a copy of book to show jabs weren’t personal

Katie Couric says she wrote memoir so late hubby could ‘come alive’ for their kids

So now you’re all caught up. Going There comes out on October 26th.