The Emmys Sure Are Weird This Year

Has the L.A. heatwave melted everyone's brain?

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 12: Host Kenan Thompson (C) performs onstage during the 74th Pri...
Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images
TV Stands For Truly Vexing

Welcome to TV’s biggest night! The stars are out and whoever is producing this bonanza decided to throw taste out the window in favor of a run of show that doesn’t make sense, completely throwing the established rhythms of an awards show out the window. When was the last time the Emmys were good? I couldn’t tell you, but these ones are especially bad so far. Here’s how:

  • No opening monologue. Instead there were interpretive dances set to TV theme songs. Have you ever wondered how a troupe of professional dancers would move to the Law and Order: SVU theme? Wonder no more.
  • Kenan Thompson had to wait 25 minutes before he could get out a pretty good joke about how hard it is to watch Showtime. Put that up top!
  • Oprah was there? To present lead actor in a drama? To Michael Keaton? For Dopesick?
  • Where are the reaction shots of other nominees losing?
  • This thing where winners can pre-submit the names of people they want to thank to show up on a chyron is actually kind of cool. Who wants to hear Sheryl Lee Ralph thank the executives at ABC when she could be belting out a song?
  • The thing of announcing the nominees and then having the presenters come out is on theme: weird.
  • Dopesick. Sorry to harp on this, but that show is not real. I don’t think anyone watched it. It’s a fake show made up by Hulu to win awards.

Well, only five hours left!