Teigen Tales: What Is Eyebrow Transplant Surgery, and Why Did Chrissy Teigen Get It?

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This past weekend, the 35-year-old model and influencer Chrissy Teigen took BuzzFeed to task for criticizing a Squid Game-themed party she hosted at her $17.5 million home in Beverly Hills. In the midst of this feud, she also made time to get “eyebrow transplant surgery.” Now she’s mad at the Daily Mail for criticizing her for that.

Teigen responded to a Mail article entitled, “‘Rich people problems’: Chrissy Teigen is slammed over ‘out of touch’ posts about her eyebrow transplant surgery - as critics point out that other people are ‘suffering’ and ‘trying to pay their bills.’”

A little dramatic, yes. But Teigen matched the Mail’s energy with her reply, which she posted on her Instagram stories. “WHY are people so fucking riled up over any little thing I do?” she wrote. “You’re gonna give yourselves a heart attack.”

I don’t know if you can give yourself a heart attack, but you can give yourself new eyebrows, which is how we got here in the first place. According to her Instagram stories, Teigen completed this procedure at the office of Dr. Jason Diamond, who did her “buccal fat removal” earlier this year. Also on call was — and I am not making this up — a Dr. Jason Champagne. (Per Google he is a hair restoration expert.)

Eyebrow transplant surgery, as best as I can tell, is when two fancy Jasons remove hair from the back of your head and transplant it onto your eyebrows. But here’s where things get crazy: According to a plastic surgeon not named Jason who spoke to People about this procedure, “The transplanted scalp hairs will continue to grow, unlike natural eyebrow hairs that have a natural 'turn-off' switch. So the new eyebrow hairs will need to be trimmed and groomed with more frequency.”

This is Teigen’s life now, and she is apparently happy about it, haters be damned.

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