Teigen Tales: Chrissy Teigen’s Surgically Enhanced Eyebrows Won’t Stop Growing

Time for a trim

Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images
Allie Jones
Body Horror

Last November, cosmetic-surgery pioneer Chrissy Teigen marched into the offices of Dr. Jason Diamond and Dr. Jason Champagne and asked for the special, which turned out to be “eyebrow transplant surgery,” a procedure in which the Drs. Jason took hair from the back of Teigen’s head and implanted it in her eyebrows. It worked. The one strange issue with this procedure is that while it might fill in your patchy or over plucked brows, the newly implanted hairs keep growing. In January, our favorite 36-year-old model and influencer reported that the newly transplanted hair was growing, and now, it won’t stop Look:

Wow. As one commenter noted, “Your brows have bangs.”

Teigen herself seems to be pleased with the results. She captured this stunning photograph, “blessing and a curse, this eyebrow procedure. 10/10 would do again lol.”

Dr. Jason Diamond responded, “Glad to hear it 😅”

Dr. Jason Champagne was apparently unavailable for comment.

I am left to ponder how I would feel if my eyebrows were growing at the same rate as the hair on my head. For me, I think, that would not be a 10/10. But I’m not Teigen.

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