Teigen Tales: Chrissy Teigen Recommends “Barkcuterie”

It’s a charcuterie board for your dog

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Alessio Botticelli/GC Images/Getty Images
Allie Jones

Chrissy Teigen, a 36-year-old model and influencer who may or may not be canceled, is constantly innovating. Whether she is having her buccal fat removed by the Drs. Diamond and Champagne or starting a flame war with BuzzFeed, she always manages to find a new angle on the trends of the day, and today is no exception. Teigen, who runs the lifestyle brand “Cravings by Chrissy Teigen,” has shared a stunning new recommendation on Instagram: “barkcuterie.”

What is barkcuterie? Well, according to Teigen, it is a charcuterie board for your dog, and it costs $38.

Teigen and co. recommend 1) buying Teigen’s mini rectangular cutting board and side bowls, 2) filling them with “dog-friendly” snacks like cheese cut into bone shapes, and 3) letting your dog eat all of it. Good idea?

I know my dogs would absolutely love to plow through an entire cutting board full of cheese, meat, and “ranch dressing” (at Teigen HQ, this is plain yogurt with “dog-friendly herbs”). I also know what would happen afterwards. Euuggh. At this time, I will be keeping my Teigen-branded cutting boards to myself.

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