Teigen Tales: Chrissy Donated More Money After School Shooting Than This Random Woman

Why is she like this

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Chrissy Teigen, a 36-year-old model and influencer who once encouraged a minor celebrity to take a “dirt nap” on Twitter, is currently raising funds for the nonprofit Everytown for Gun Safety on Instagram in the wake of the horrific school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. She started the fundraiser this morning and encouraged her nearly 38 million followers to donate with the following plea:

“I beg you, if you’re able, please consider donating to @everytown, the largest gun violence prevention organization in America. They work tirelessly to end gun violence by doing everything from advocating for safety reforms nationally and locally to supporting survivors of gun violence to actual research on the causes and actual realistic solutions to end these kind of mass shootings, something unique to ONLY US AS A COUNTRY. Please please donate if you can.”

Teigen and her husband John Legend happen to have a lot of money that they could donate themselves, a fact which prompted at least one commenter to ask Teigen how much she was personally committing to the cause of ending gun violence. “What did you donate @chrissyteigen?” asked the innocent @goodvibesbeautybabe, who seems to be a politically progressive small business owner in Arizona.

Teigen responded by launching @goodvibesbeautybabe into the sun for no good reason. “It’s letting me donate 2500 at a time but so far 20,000 which is more than you who…let me check…donated 0 and left a comment,” she wrote.

Chrissy. There is no need for this. Leave @goodvibesbeautybabe alone. She probably did donate, and she is simply trying to hold the unfortunately powerful figures in our culture to account. Jesus Christ.

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