Teigen Tales: Chrissy Teigen Asks Woman High On Mushrooms to Be Her Baby’s Godmother

It was Whitney Cummings

US model Chrissy Teigen arrives for the 74th Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, Ca...
Allie Jones

Chrissy Teigen is pregnant, this we know. The 36-year-old model and influencer announced she was expanding her family back in August while wearing a $520 pair of sheer Gucci underwear. She got a lot of attention then, but is she getting enough attention now? Possibly not, because People just published an “exclusive” about a podcast that Teigen was on over a week ago in which she asked the comedian Whitney Cummings to be the baby’s godmother.

According to People, Teigen surprised Cummings during a live episode of her “Good For You” podcast on September 6. Cummings was high on mushrooms and apparently both happy and scared to see Teigen. "I am literally gonna have a heart attack,” she said.

Then Teigen asked her if she wanted to be a godparent, and Cummings said yes. “I feel like I'm so cut out to be a godmother,” she added. “When someone makes you a godmother it's their way of saying God doesn't want you to be a mother, so you can buy expensive shit for my child.”

A touching moment, one I’m so happy was captured both on audio and on film and then described in detail on People.com. Of course, we’ll be following up once the baby is born to make sure Cummings is present at the baptism, ideally tripping balls, and Teigen takes lots of photos. How exciting.

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