Slap Update V: Rita Wilson Can’t Sleep

And everyone in Boston is drunk

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Sleepless in Los Angeles

Welcome to Gawker, where we’re reporting live on Day 5 of The Slap. As we noted in our last Slap Update (Slap Update IV: Harry Potter Weighs In), Rock did not want to talk about the slap on Wednesday during the first show of his Ego Death tour in Boston. The Head of State star brought a similar energy to last night’s shows, according to the New York Post. Here are your updates.

Fans Are Still Yelling

When one fan yelled out “Fuck Will Smith,” Rock paced up and down the stage saying, “No, no, no.” Maybe the worst outcome for Rock in this whole situation is that he has to go on an entire world tour where people will be yelling about Smith at him every night. I don’t come to your job and yell the name of the movie star who slapped you! That’s what I would say if I were Rock, I think it would kill.

One audience member, identified only as Kevin, had some wise insight into the situation. “He’s gotta take some time to really figure out how he wants to deal with it,” Kevin said.

Local Woman Got Hammered

Nestled in the Post’s story is something much more compelling than anything that’s come out about the slap so far. Boston hero/Chris Rock supporter Emily DePina was thrown out of the show for being disruptive, and had this to say: ”I didn’t do nothing. I didn’t do shit…Yes, I’m drinking. Yes, I had four shots… I don’t give a fuck, I’ll be honest.”

The free speech advocate told the tabloid that she wasn’t actually heckling the comic. ““We weren’t heckling Chris Rock. We had front-row seats. We were endorsing him, responding to his jokes. He was interacting with us but security took us out,” DePina said.

Rita Wilson Lost Sleep

A report in Puck laid out some of the juiciest details about the emergency board of governors meeting the Academy held on Thursday. According to sources, there was “open rage” toward Smith, “criticism” of producer Will Packer, and “tough questions” about what writer Matthew Belloni is calling “the ugliest incident in the show’s 94-year history.”

But most importantly, the slap has disrupted Rita Wilson’s beauty sleep. Wilson, who represented the actors branch of the Academy, apparently said on the call that she has “had trouble sleeping over the past three nights.” My recommendation to the Sleepless in Seattle star would be to pop a melatonin gummy and remember that none of this will ever really affect you personally. That’s what I’ve been doing and it’s been going great.

Oh, Also, One More Thing

Will Packer went on Good Morning America to talk about the slap or whatever. Apparently the cops were “prepared” to arrest Smith for battery. Packer also said that he was not consulted in regards to any conversation about asking Smith to leave the ceremony. I guess that’s interesting. I personally would love to know more about Rita Wilson’s sleep routine and the woman who did four shots, but I’m simple in that way.


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