Shawn Mendes Comes Out as Newly Single

Meanwhile Camila Cabello pivots to reading

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 11: Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes attend a basketball game betw...
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It's Giving Breakup

After two and a half years, lots of PDA, and countless miserable-looking quarantine walks, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have broken up. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Shamila community at this time (perhaps it is worth explicitly noting that this celebrity relationship name portmanteau includes the word “sham”).

The former couple released a joint statement on their respective Instagram stories, writing, “Hey guys, we’ve decided to end our romantic relationship but our love for one another as humans is stronger than ever.” Taking a note from almost every celebrity split, the two insisted that they remain “best friends” and “appreciate your support from the beginning and moving forward.”

Both pop stars chose to copy and paste this note from their publicists in slightly different fashions. Mendes chose a neutral, tasteful serif font to relay the seriousness of the matter, while Cabello opted for a Courier New vibe (a.k.a. the typewriter font), which to me is corny and ugly. But that’s just my opinion. As anyone who has engaged with the art of Cabello knows, she isn’t too concerned with aesthetics — we all saw those Cinderella clips.

In tribute to the couple, let’s remember some of their happier moments. Like when they carried empty coffee mugs for one of their quarantine photo ops, or when Mendes held Cabello as she looked directly into a paparazzi’s lens while still denying that they were dating, or when, more recently, Mendes told Cabello that her Met Gala outfit was “giving Cher.” God we had fun.

Cabello seems to be dealing with the breakup as all young women do: by posting the Sally Rooney book Conversations with Friends to her Instagram story hours before announcing the split. I would have maybe suggested Normal People instead, but I don’t know if she’s in the proper headspace for that right now.

I’m going to miss these crazy kids. Too many celebrity couples are concerned about their “privacy” and “keeping their relationship to themselves.” That was never really the case with these two, and celebrity gossip was all the better for it. I beg you to keep their dog Tarzan in your thoughts, who has yet to publicly acknowledge his parents’ split on his own Instagram.