Shailene Woodley Still Patting Aaron Rodgers's Butt

Get married or get off the pot, you two

L: Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images, R: Quinn Harris/Getty Images
Indecisive Proposal

It’s important to admit when you have been misled, as was the case with me making assumptions about Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers. Not about them being weirdos who are probably eating clay together in Green Bay, but about them being broken up. The couple was spotted at a wedding in Montecito, California this weekend, and it sounds like they are very much together.

An eyewitness source told Entertainment Tonight that the two were being a little handsy at the wedding of Rodgers’s teammate David Bakhtiari. “During the cocktail hour she lovingly patted his behind as she was seated and he was standing next to her and placed his hand around the back of her neck," they said.

Butt patting? Neck holding? Sounds like the actions of two people who have rekindled their spark after one of them decided to “put more effort into the relationship” and less effort into doing his own research about the efficacy of vaccines.

This comes weeks after the couple was spotted at bougie L.A. grocery store Erewhon together. A prior reconciliation would indeed explain all this X-rated neck and butt play. On the other hand, Rodgers was officiating this wedding, and Woodley probably agreed to be his plus one months ago, before the breakup. Maybe, just maybe, she was honoring a prior commitment and along the way remembered why they were together in the first place. Love is a winding route to the end zone, after all.