Selena Gomez Gets Mystery Back Tattoo

What could it be?

INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA: In this image released on May 2, Host Selena Gomez speaks onstage during Glob...
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Rorschach Tests

Former Disney star/current Steve Martin co-star Selena Gomez got a new tattoo. This is great for her, and I applaud anyone who chooses to turn their body into a canvas. The tattoo was done by celebrity tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, who posted a far-away photo of the “Bad Liar” singer’s new ink to his Instagram.

Reminiscent of the first photo of would-be royal baby Lilibet Diana, we know absolutely nothing about what this tattoo actually is. All we can tell is that it’s right under the nape of her neck, and that it’s dripping. I was told by our legal department that Instagram is a legally fraught space, so I won’t be sharing a zoomed-in screenshot, but you can do that yourself.

In the comments of McCurdy’s post, dedicated Selenators have shared what they believe that tattoo to be. “Looks like a female head at the top with blood dripping,” one commenter said. “Looks like a beautiful dream catcher from this distance,” wrote another (this was the most popular guess). Some less imaginative stans merely begged for a better picture. “i cannot see selenas tattoo,” one of them wrote. Neither can I, pal, but I have two eyes and a brain, which is all I need in order to start speculating wildly.

What Is Selena Gomez’s Tattoo?

  • A bowl of fruit sitting in a colander, rotting and dripping out of the bottom
  • Some kind of floating island, representing how Gomez herself feels isolated and alone
  • A Carmen Miranda portrait that for some reason is dripping
  • An homage to Angelina Jolie’s Khmer prayer back tattoo
  • A steaming teacup that is, you guessed it, dripping from the bottom
  • An artful depiction of Slimer from Ghostbusters

Hopefully myself and my fellow “Lose You to Love Me” fans get answers soon. To quote someone in the comments of McCurdy’s post, “Can you zoom it? I can't see.”