Scott Disick Babysits Kourtney Kardashian’s Kids on Her Wedding Day

It was his present to her

Gotham/Getty Images
Child-Free Weddings

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker wanted almost no family members at their nuptials on Sunday. They haven’t said why, but I’d guess that having Kim & Co. there would be a wee bit distracting from their big day. The only family present were Kardashian’s maternal grandmother, MJ, and Barker’s dad. This meant that there were no sisters, no friends, no exes, and most importantly, no children at the Santa Barbara courthouse where they said, “I do.”

Who wants kids at a wedding anyway? According to TMZ, the couple is planning to have a larger ceremony in Italy in the “near future,” so the kiddos can run around and demand plain penne with butter at a later date (this is after they already had a “practice ceremony” in Las Vegas last month).

So who watched the little ones while Kourt and Trav got hitched? Barker’s kids are both teenagers, so they’re fine to stay at home unattended for a few hours. But Kardashian’s children — Mason, Penelope, and Reign — still need a watchful eye, lest they go live and start talking out of turn. Who could possibly be up for that challenge?

What about… their father? That’s right, entrepreneur/Khloé Kardashian’s partner in pranks Scott Disick was actually in charge of watching his children on Sunday, taking a break from his packed schedule of dating young models and posting photos of cars to Instagram. It looks like they had a nice time.

Lord Disick made sure to document the occasion on his Instagram story so that we all knew where the kids were while their mom got married. Reign, 7, did cannonballs and lounged, while Mason and Penelope, 12 and 9, play-fought on the patio. Reign was clearly the favorite that day, as he made it to the grid.

I guess if the woman you have previously called the “love of [your] life” is getting married to a drummer, you would want to spend the day with the people who will keep her bound to you in some way until they’re at least 18. Hopefully it was a day of reflection for Scott, and he can finally see what he has been missing for so many years: His real Kardashian soulmate is, and has always been, Khloé.