Happy Birthday From The Whole Family, Rob Kardashian!

Your sisters love getting Covid shots with you

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Allie Jones

It’s March 17th, and it’s time to celebrate the thing this day is famous for, which is Rob Kardashian’s birth. Yes, the only son of Robert Kardashian Sr. and Kris Jenner turns 35 today, and everyone is thrilled about it. Like they do every year on this date and this date only, the women of the Kardashian family have showered Rob with love and fond memories on Instagram. But who posted the best tribute? You be the judge.

Kim Kardashian: “You’re always down to get Covid shots together”

Kim, 41, racked her brain and came up with some lovely memories to share in her Instagram tribute to her little bro. “You’re always down to get Covid shots together then freak out for weeks debating if we’re dying!” she wrote. “You’re always down for a good movie night then never show up!”

She added, “Words can’t even describe how special you are.” Apparently not.

Khloé Kardashian: “Continue to find your best self”

Khloé, 37, has historically been the sister closest to Rob, and as such she created the most in-depth Instagram carousel, complete with a video of Rob’s head on Al Pacino’s body in famous scenes from Scarface. In her caption, she shared her wishes for her “dope” brother’s future. “Continue to find your best self,” she wrote. “Continue to keep your head held high as you find your way through this insane life. Continue being the best daddy you can be.”

Kendall Jenner: “We’ve got a birthday boy”

Kendall, 26, simply shared Khloe’s post in her Instagram Story, adding the caption, “We’ve got a birthday boy.” Points for accuracy.

Kourtney Kardashian: “A casual night with Robert”

Kourtney, 42, also shared Khloe’s post in her story, focusing on a video of Rob dancing. She added the caption, “A casual night with Robert.” It’s not clear if Kourtney was present when the video was taken, but it’s nice she’s being supportive.

Kris Jenner: “You have grown into the most beautiful soul”

Kardashian matriarch Kris, 66, offered some straightforward, motherly birthday greetings in an Instagram post composed primarily of old photos of little Rob. “You have grown into the most beautiful soul, the best father ever, the most amazing brother, uncle, grandson, and friend,” she wrote, unfortunately forgetting Rob’s most important role: sock designer.

Kylie Jenner: “Happy @afterpayusa day”

In a more subtle tribute, Kylie, 24, wished her Instagram followers a Happy Afterpay Day on her Instagram story, offering fans 25 percent off on Kylie Cosmetics products to celebrate. Aw.